9 Nov 2023. took time away from staring at mountains to talk to the byu kennedy center for international studies (provo, utah). 

19 October 2022. an engaging conversation with miranda melcher about north of america for the new books network

5 october 2022. A chance to share some of my book at the society of the cincinnati (washington, dc). i stayed over night in the anderson house by myself. it was terrifying. the audience isn’t mic’d so it sounds like no one claps or laughs at my jokes. humbling! 

11 november 2021. Ranting about  settler colonialism and extractive capitalism with lou cornum & steve lyons

5 may 2021. Talking about canada and the american revolution with jvn on “getting curious with jonathan van ness”
12 October 2019. In which i gesticulate about geography, canada, and the constitution of the united states. From a presentation to the american philosophical society, philadephia, pa.

21 february 2018. a discussion about homelands and empires with the champlain society podcast “witness to yesterday”