[short cv]

Position: Associate professor of history, wesleyan university

education: Ph.D (Dalhousie, 2010); M.A. (Dalhousie, 2005); Hons B.a. (University of Toronto, 2003)

current project: 
American Levellers: The Indigenous roots of radical thought in early north america 

Selected publications:

north of america: Loyalists, indigenous nations, and the borders of the long american revolution (yale university press, 2022)

homelands and empires: indigenous spaces, imperial fictions, and competition for territory in northeastern north america, 1690-1763 (university of toronto press, 2017)

awards for homelands and empires
canadian historical association CLio award, atlantic canada (2018)                        
canadian historical association best book shortlist (2018)                   
John lyman book award, maritime history (2018)

articles "A Time and a Place: The Geography of British, French, and Aboriginal Interactions in Early Nova Scotia, 1727-1744" William and Mary Quarterly, 3rd ser. 72, 3 (July 2015): 423-60.

“Nova Scotia Lost and Found: The Acadian Boundary Negotiation and Imperial Envisioning, 1750-1755” Acadiensis (Summer/Autumn 2011): 3-31.

“An Empire on Paper: The Founding of Halifax and Conceptions of Imperial Space, 1744-1755,” The Canadian Historical Review (88, 3, 2007): 373-412.